Bob Alvarez,


  • Inspector at Star Elevator Inspection

  • Master Elevator Constructor license with Master Electrical

  • QEI Certified- (This is required to inspect elevator)

  • Rigging Certified

  • Welding Certified

  • OSHA Certified

  • 73’-75’ Westinghouse

  • 75’-80 R&O Elevator

  • 80’-90’ OTIS

  • 90’-2012 ThyssenKrupp Elevator

  • 4 year electrical licenses program at Dunwoody





 I was inspired by my own need and experience. While I was in school working on my degree in architecture, my father became very ill with kidney problems. Eventually he went into kidney failure and was required to get dialysis 2 times a week. Right after a treatment he was very weak and couldn’t manage the steps into our home. Many days my brother and I would help him up the stairs or even carry him, but soon, when he couldn’t support his weight, this became a real challenge. I looked everywhere to find a company or specialist that could offer access solutions. There were companies that sold wheelchairs or bathroom equipment, but none that specialized in accessible homes and environments. So this is how the company was formed. I want to make sure that no one has to suffer the inconvenience my father did. The work we do at Star Lift comes from the heart.

StarLift was founded with a simple mission in mind. We wanted to use our elevator expertise to provide freedom and mobility to those who need it. The work we do at Star Lift comes from the heart.

There are so many benefits to living in your own home and having the freedom and independence to move around at will. There’s nothing like the comfort and familiarity of home for elderly, handicapped, or disabled people. Thankfully, modern technology has brought us excellent solutions—and now, Star Lift is here to provide those solutions to our Twin Cities customers.

We’re a local, family-owned business with over 40 years of experience in the elevator industry. We know elevators and stairlifts inside and out—you can trust in our expertise whether you’re looking for a new installation, repairs, or maintenance to your existing home elevator.

S tarLift’s founder and owner, Bob Alvarez, is passionate about all things elevator. Over his decades of experience, Bob has inspected, constructed, and installed countless elevators. He believes in providing home accessibility to everyone.

Bob is an inspector at Star Elevator Inspection and has completed his Master Elevator Constructor license with Master Electrical. He is QEI Certified, Rigging Certified, Welding Certified, OSHA Certified, and has worked in the elevator industry since 1973 when he started his career at Westinghouse Electric Corp.

Starlift’s CFO/CEO, Peter Kruse, has a personal vested interest in the home elevator space. When he was in school completing his architecture degree, his father become very ill with kidney disease. Peter and his brother often had to carry their father up the stairs after his treatments because he was so weak after his treatments.

Peter looked everywhere to find mobility solutions, but he couldn’t find a company that specialized in accessible homes. That’s why he started StarLift—to fill the need for mobility solution in the Twin Cities area


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