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The AmeriGlide Hercules II DC 750 Commercial Vertical Lift is the ideal vertical platform lift for outdoor or indoor commercial applications. Perfect for businesses, municipal buildings, colleges, churches, theaters, and more. The non-skid epoxy coated floor and galvanized steel panel is weather resistant, even in the harshest conditions.

A 750 pound weight capacity comes standard on the Hercules II DC, but a 1000-pound capacity is available as an option. Great for lifting large wheelchairs and two people at one time.

The acme screw direct drive makes the Hercules II DC the smoothest and quietest lift on the market. Being battery powered, the lift and its automatic self-lowering folding ramp (standard) will even work during a power outage.

Safety features include under platform obstruction detection, emergency stop switch, anti-skid floor surface, emergency alarm, and much more.

To learn more about the Hercules II DC 750 Commercial Vertical Lift, call and speak with our experienced VPL experts today.

Product Specifications
Lifting Capacity 750 lb
Standard Lift Height 64″
Maximum Lift Height 130″
Lift Speed (FPM) 9
Arrives Assembled No
Drive System Direct Drive ACME Screw
Battery Powered Option Yes
Constant Pressure Platform Control Yes
Alarm Button Included
Platform Type Non-skid (Epoxy crushed and recycled tires)
Platform Size W 34″-36″ x L 54″-60″
Optional Platform Sizes Custom: W (31″ to 42″) x L (46″ to 66″)
Platform Configuration Straight-Thru Access
Optional Platform Configurations Same Side Entry-Exit, 90 Degree Adjacent Access
Grab Rail Included
Maximum Stops 3
Portable Optional

Fully automatic doors: Slide open and closed for easy access

Slim profile: Modern and sleek appearance

Compact design: Landing door, cab door and sill are a narrow 4.5″ deep (115 mm)

Asymmetrical closure design: For space-saving installation and modern look

Quiet and smooth operation:  Two-speed operation for added convenience

Other standard features: Lightweight and durable aluminum sill

Safety features: Emergency back-up battery system, , infrared detection system to retract doors before hitting an obstruction (touch-free)

Warranty: Warranty 36 months parts.

System: Available as a complete system, or in combination with a swing-style landing door.

Finishes: Choice of paint or stainless steel.

Applications: Residential, with Savaria home elevators

Door Width Maximum: 35.43″(900 mm)

Door Height Maximum: 82.68″ (2100 mm)