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Do you offer financing?2019-01-08T11:08:09+00:00

Posted by jalqex on September 25, 2018

Yes, we have many options. Visit our Financing page or get in contact with us today to learn about our financial options

Does your company Rent Stairlifts?2019-01-08T11:07:48+00:00

Posted by jalqex on September 25, 2018

At this point we do not. In some cases, the cost of a stairlift rental may be expensive . Check with us 1st on a used stairlifts with a warranty. . The best part is that you own the unit and can sell it back to us for additional money later.

Check back with us or call foradditional information.

Are stair lifts tax deductible?2019-01-08T11:07:35+00:00

Posted by jalqex on September 25, 2018

If the home modification does not increase your property value, you can deduct the whole cost as a medical expense. Internal Revenue Service (IRS): Your stair liftmay actually qualify for tax deductions. … The IRS also permits those with disabilities to claim some of these expenses as a tax deduction.

Are stair lifts covered by health insurance?2019-01-08T11:07:18+00:00

Posted by jalqex on September 25, 2018

Unfortunately, Medicare, which is insurance that provided by the federal government for elder people, does not cover stair chair lifts. A stair chair lift is classified as a “home modification” by Medicare instead of a “durable medicalequipment”.

What is the weight limit for a stair lift?2019-01-08T11:06:54+00:00

Posted by jalqex on September 25, 2018

A significant proportion of overweight people also suffer with vertigo which puts them at risk on long flights of stairs. But here’s the problem; The largest Stair lifts have a maximum weight limit of 500lb.

How does a stair lift work?2019-01-08T11:06:29+00:00

Posted by jalqex on September 25, 2018

Most are made up of three main components: a rail, a carriage and a seat. The carriage of the stair lift contains the motor which powers the lift up and down the rail or track. The rail is normally made of Aluminium; this fits directly to the treads of the stairs (not the wall), and the stair lift seat simply sits on top of the carriage and has the controls in the arms to send the stair lift up or down. The Brooks Stair lift also has two remote controls allowing multiple users to direct the lift both up and down the stairs.

What if it storms and the power goes out, will the lift still work?2019-01-08T11:04:32+00:00
Posted by jalqex on September 25, 2018

Yes, because the lifts are all battery operated. The lift will be able to provide you with ample trips up/down the stairs after the power goes out.

Does someone need to come out and measure my stairs?
Yes! All stairlift companies should measure your stairs, measure you and take your particular environment into consideration. A full and proper assessment must be done to make sure that your stairlift fits your staircase, meets your needs and is safe for you to use. This assessment is no-obligation and free of charge, and should take no longer than an hour, depending on the staircase.

What is the stair lift attached to when installed? Will it ruin or damage the walls?2019-01-08T10:52:36+00:00

Posted by jalqex on September 25, 2018

A common misconception about stair lifts is that they are attached to the walls. However, when installed they are actually attached to the treads of the stairs, not the wall. (See Below). There are no structural changes are needed for a stair lift to be installed in your home.

How much does a stairlift cost to run?2019-01-08T10:52:08+00:00

Posted by jalqex on September 25, 2018

Stairlifts are very economical and environmentally friendly. A stairlift only cost pennies a year to run.

Will there be room for family and friends to use the stairs after my lift is installed?2019-01-08T10:51:52+00:00

Posted by jalqex on September 25, 2018

When not in use, the stairlift’s arms, seat, and footrest can all be folded up, so that anyone can use the steps.

What is the delivery time?2019-01-08T10:51:30+00:00

Posted by jalqex on September 25, 2018

Depending on the stairlift model you choose, delivery times can vary from around next day to two weeks for straight stairlift, and from one to six weeks for curved stairlift as the rail will be manufactured bespoke to your staircase turns and dimensions

Why I should’nt buy a lift on the internet or out of the newspaper?2019-01-08T10:51:08+00:00
Posted by jalqex on September 25, 2018

Stairlifts are as individual as you are – bespokely made to each individual staircase and each individual customer’s requirements. Will the internet or newspaper do a full assessment to make sure the lift is fit for purpose for you and come and fix your stairlift if you have a problem? We’ve had customers who have bought a stairlift and been caught like this and called us in to help them right their mistake.
Stairlifts are very technical pieces of machinery and should only be installed by a recognised company and a qualified and experienced stairlift engineer. We have seen stairlifts installed by non-qualified persons that are dangerous and compromise your safety and the safety of other people in your home. Always make sure that you buy a stair lift from a reputable company that has qualified installers.

Can a stair lift be installed outside and if so, will it be protected?2019-01-08T10:50:40+00:00

Posted by jalqex on September 25, 2018

Yes, there are models that can be built on a straight or curved outdoor staircase. Outdoor stair liftmodels are just like indoor models. The only difference is that the outdoor models are built to withstand the outdoor elements. There is also a cover that comes with the lift to protect it when it is not in use.


What are the electrical requirements?2019-01-08T10:50:12+00:00

Posted by jalqex on September 25, 2018

A common household 120-volt outlet is all that is needed.

How noisy are stair lifts?2019-01-08T10:50:11+00:00
Posted by jalqex on September 25, 2018

Battery (DC) powered stair lifts run off around 24 volts powering an electric motor, which makes them quiet and energy efficient in use. The loudest noise you will here from your stair lift is a beep to let you know that it is about to start its journey up or down your stairs!.

How far does the rail stick out past the bottom stair?2019-01-08T10:48:13+00:00

Posted by jalqex on September 25, 2018

The rail of a straight stair lift sticks out approximately 16 inches and a curved rail will stick out approximately 20 inches.

This is because the track has to go all the way to the floor for a safe and easy exit. If this is an issue for your home, a manual or power folding track can be added.

Do I need to plug in and charge my stairlift?2019-01-08T10:47:52+00:00

Posted by jalqex on September 25, 2018

The stairlift includes a transformer that is permanently plugged into a standard 120 volt power-point.  The power-point can be either at the top or bottom of the stairs.  When the stairlift is parked, the batteries are automatically recharged.

Can more than one person ride on the stairlift at a time?2019-01-08T10:47:31+00:00

Posted by jalqex on September 25, 2018

Safety certification for these stairlifts is based on single passenger per ride only.

The stairlift manufacturers have very strong recommendations regarding use of stairlifts.  In the interest of safety for you, your family and your friends, we fully support these recommendations:

Only adults who are familiar with the operation of the stairlift (having read the user manual or been shown by an experienced user) should use the stairlift.

Under-aged and mentally disadvantaged persons may only use the stairlift under supervision.

Never exceed the maximum permissible weight for your specific model.

The stairlift is exclusively intended for the transportation of one person per journey.

Never use the stairlift for transporting animals or goods.


Why are there so many names for a stairlift – stairlift, stair lift, chair lift?2019-01-08T10:46:49+00:00

Posted by jalqex on September 25, 2018

In Australia, we most commonly call a seat that travels up and down a stairway on a rail a stairlift (or stair lift, with a space).  In the UK they are often called chairlifts (or chair lifts).  We’ve even seen them called chair stair lifts!  Yes, they are all the same thing. The very same model from a manufacturer is sometimes labelled differently to suit the local usage.

Stairlifts are known variously as stair lifts, stair-lifts, chair lifts, stair gliders and by other names. This type of chair lift should not be confused with the chairlift used by skiers. The term stair climber can refer either to stair lifts, or more commonly to the exercise equipment by the same name.

Hopefully, if you’re reading this question, you’ve searched on one of these common terms and found us.

What are the differ types of Stairlifts?2019-01-08T10:40:35+00:00
Posted by jalqex on September 25, 2018


Chair Straight Rail Stair Lift | Sit/Stand Stairlift | Perch/Stand Stairlift | Outdoor Stairlift | Curved Rail Stairlift

Stair lifts come in different models to fit many stair formations. Each person must consider his or her own architectural space, lifestyle, and other factors when trying to decide which type of assistive technology is right for him or her.

Straight Stair Lift

Straight stair lifts are designed to go up and down straight staircases only. Straight lifts are trimmed to fit the staircase, so they can match the exact length of the stairs where installation is taking place.

Straight stair lifts are not custom made but are instead mass-produced. They’re also easy to ship and install. They cannot, however, accommodate landings, curves or turns—but being modular and easy to put in place makes them the most economical variety of lift chairs.


Curved Stair Lift

Curved staircases, stairs with landings, and any staircase that turns or varies from straight all require a custom-made unit to fit that particular staircase. Companies use a variety of special tools and methods to determine the exact curvature of the stairway, then install the railing to fit. Each unit requires a great deal of planning and design to ensure that the lift will fit the particular staircase where it is being installed.


Standing Stair Lifts

A standing stair lift, also known as a “perch lift,” is very much like a chair lift, except that it provides a smaller platform that mostly only allows the passenger to stand as they move up and down the stairs. They’re useful in a variety of different settings:

  • Narrow Stairs: If a set of stairs is especially narrow, it may not be able to accommodate a seated stair lift. In this case, a standing stair lift can usually work provided that there is enough headroom for the user to stand erect on the platform.
  • Health Conditions: Some health conditions make it difficult for people to bend their knees. Standing stair lifts make it possible to go up and down stairs without bending the knees and without sitting down.
  • Conditions: Some people feel more comfortable standing than sitting, and therefore prefer standing stair lifts.

Perch lifts function in much the same ways as standard stair lifts, with the same features. Perch lifts have arm rests for balance and comfort, and braking mechanisms that can prevent the lift from running into someone or something on the stairs.



Stair lift is a moving mobility stair chair or platform for stairway access to travel to different levels of a home and is sometimes called an automatic chair, automatic stair lift, stair-lift, chair liftcurved rail stairlift, disabled lift, elderly lift, handicap lift, home stair lift, inclinator, outdoor stairlift lift, perch stairlift lift, ramp lift, seat lift, stair chair, stair elevator, stair glide, stairlift, stair rider, stair stepper, stair climber, stair elevator, staircase lift, stairway chair lift, stairway lift, stair chair, stair climber, stair elevator, stair glider, stair glide, staircase chair lift, stairlift, stairs chair lift, stairway chair lift, standing lift, straight rail stairlift, super glide and wheelchair lift.


Most carriages have a chair seat with folding arms and a folding footrest for space saving purposes; so that others in the household can easily use the stairs as normal. Other than the characteristic interior straight rail stairlift some special stairlift models have a stand-on platform, a multiple use sit or stand stairlift, a ‘stand stairlift’ or a “perching” seat stairlift, also known as a “perch” seat stairlift, outdoor stairlift and curved rail stairlift for curved staircases.


What’s the Difference Between A Stair Lift and a Wheelchair Lift?2019-01-08T10:40:10+00:00
Posted by jalqex on September 25, 2018

A stair lift (sometimes called a seat lift) is a device that a person sits on to be lifted up the stairs. These devices look like seats that have been attached to a staircase. Wheelchair lifts are like miniature elevators, consisting of an enclosed platform that can accommodate one person inside a wheelchair.

How do you get off the lift safely?2019-01-08T10:39:46+00:00
If I have a narrow staircase, will the lift still fit?2019-01-08T10:38:46+00:00

Posted by jalqex on September 25, 2018

Yes, in almost all cases the lift will fit. Our experts can help you determine if there is an issue at all with the width of the staircase.

An Star Lift technician installing a stair lift at a home in Mendota Heights, MN

Can a stair lift be removed?2019-01-08T10:37:58+00:00


What is the Longevity and Maintenance?2019-01-08T10:37:06+00:00

Posted by jalqex on September 25, 2018

Stair lifts are used on a daily basis, and like any expensive piece of machinery, may eventually begin to wear out. Taking care of your assistive technology may therefore involve performing some maintenance. If you’re new to lift chair ownership and are not sure how to take care of your machine, you can find a lot of this information in your owner’s manual. The owner’s manual will tell you how to clean your lift, what tools can be used for cleaning, how to perform small maintenance tasks yourself, and what problems must be addressed by a professional. Here’s a sampling of the types of DIY maintenance you might be in for if you install a stair lift in your home. Stairlift owners should use a dry microfiber cloth to clean the seat and controls.Clean the Chair With a Rag

Tune Ups

Like any other expensive piece of equipment, stair lifts need regular tuneups in order to keep functioning properly. Have a stair lift tech come to your home on a regular basis, even if you’re not experiencing problems with the unit.

Tighten Nuts and Bolts

Check your chair periodically for loose screws, nuts and bolts. Make adjustments as necessary, but be careful not to over-tighten. Over tightening can lead to stripped screws.

Clean the Rails

The rails on your stair lift help the chair move up and down, and keep the machine functioning properly. If the rail becomes dirty, cleaning can become difficult. Use the rag to wipe off any dirt from the rail. Push a small corner of the rag into the rail and then run the rag up and down the rail with a screw driver to help.

In some cases, your chair’s rail may benefit from a light spray of lubricant. Use only lubricants that are specifically mentioned in your owner’s manual. Failure to follow the advice and suggestions in the manual can cause the warranty to be voided.