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The M-1504 material lift is a commercial freight lift ideal for restaurants, banquet halls, retail stores, veterinary clinics and small industrial businesses. Use this lift to carry freight up to 1000 lb. Available for B20 or A17.1 code requirements, this lift travels up to 23 feet with 4 stops. The M-1504 is built for durability with 60 inch 5WL stainless steel side guards and diamond plate stainless steel flooring.

Intended for use inside a shaftway, the unit can be ordered in a choice of standard sized platforms or custom sized. A call station controls this freight-only hydraulic lift. Easier to install than a typical dumbwaiter, the M-1504 lift by  might be the simplest way to keep your material moving.

Fuilt for durability: 60 inch 5WL stainless steel side guards and diamond plate aluminum flooring

Installation: Easier to install than a typical dumbwaiter, no machine room required

Standard features: Call/send stations at landings, continuous-pressure type buttons, operating control buttons on platform, automatic battery recharging system (115 VAC), remote manual lowering device

Other standard features: Low-voltage controls, limit switches

Standard finish: Grey electrostatic powder coat paint on frame, stainless steel on walls, stainless steel checkered platform surface

Safety features: Bottom and top landing door, door locks, safety brake, emergency stop button, manual lowering and battery lowering system

Warranty: 36 months parts.

Cab sizes:

36” x 54” (914 mm x 1371 mm)

42” x 60” (1067 mm x 1524 mm)

48” x 60” (1219 mm x 1524 mm)

Cab walls (height): Standard 60” (1524 mm), optional 80” (2031 mm)

Cab access: Enter/exit same side (platform Type 1L and 1R), front/rear access (platform Type 2), 90 degree access (platform Type 3 and 4)

Landing entrances: Fire-rated, flush-mounted

Other options: Custom color, fixed access ramp, outdoor package, 24V battery backup, remote controller/pump box, automatic operation (code permitting)

Applications: Commercial, indoor

Load capacity: 1000 lb (455 kg)

Maximum travel: 23 ft (7 m)

Travel speed: 18 ft/min (0.09 m/s)

Noise level: 72.9 dBA (up direction); 50.0 dBA (down direction)

Daily cycle: Normal 30, heavy 75, excessive 100. 12 maximum starts in 1 hour on standard installation.

Levels serviced: 2 (standard), 3, 4

Power supply: 120 VAC, 30 A, 60 Hz, single phase

Motor/drive: 2:1 chain hydraulic, 3 HP, gear-type motor for 110V

Pit depth requirement: 3″ (76.2 mm); 8″ (203.2 mm) with habitable space underneath