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NEW! Orion17 Elevator

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The Savaria Orion17 is a modern take on our classic, highly-rated Orion LU/LA elevator. Designed with features you would expect in a high-rise elevator, but built for commercial low-rise buildings, Orion17 is suited for limited use/limited application (LU/LA) commercial projects. It is ideal for use in educational settings, places of worship, and up to 3-story professional offices.

Refined features of the stylish cab design include a stainless steel car door and dropped ceiling with ambient lighting. The cab is clad in fire-rated laminate overlay panels in your choice from 3 contemporary color options, framed in stainless steel.

Orion17 comes standard with fully automatic hydraulic operation, sliding doors, and commercial-grade fixtures – this all adds up to a professional appearance and smooth ride for passengers.

A cost-effective solution to A117.1 and ADA code-compliant accessibility, Orion17 meets state and national codes for LU/LA elevators. It is available in 2 standard sizes for type 1 and type 2 cabs.

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The following documents are PDFs that can be downloaded.

Savaria makes every effort to publish accurate information. Specifications and options are subject to change without notice.

High-rise style, built for low-rise applications: Affordable elevator for low-rise buildings with 1400 lb capacity and automatic door option.

Aesthetically appealing: Modern cab design with stainless steel doors, dropped ceiling with ambient lighting, and attractive call stations, control panel and digital floor indicators.

High efficiency hydraulic drive system: Smooth ride, start and stop.

Variable speed pressure valve: Gradual acceleration and deceleration of cab.

Other standard features: Fully automatic operation, two-speed steel doors with infrared door closing sensors, fire rated landing doors, modular rail design for easy construction, automatic cab on/off interior lighting, digital display in car operating panel, stainless steel dropped ceiling with 4 pot lights and ambient lighting.

Standard finishes: Stainless steel cab with laminate overlay panels in choice of 3 colors, stainless steel cab doors, landing doors in choice of primer, white or black, stainless steel car operating panel, handrail and silver color trimmed light fixtures.

Safety features: Emergency battery back-up for lowering and interior lighting, emergency stop and alarm buttons, emergency manual lowering, safety brakes, floor specific battery lowering, negative pressure valve.

Warranty: 36 months parts.

Optional Configurations: Type 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.

Cab Sizes:

W48” x L54” x H82” (1219 mm x 1371 mm x 2083 mm), Type 1, 2

W42” x L60” x H82” (1067 mm x 1524 mm x 2083 mm), Type 1, 2

Optional Fixture Finishes: Brass

Other Options: Up to 6 stops (subject to local code requirements), hands-free phone, overspeed governor, fire recall service, buffer springs.

Applications:  Commercial (LU/LA), residential, indoors

Standard Capacity: 1400 lb (635 kg)

Maximum Travel: 300″ (7.6 m), with up to 6 stops (subject to local code requirements)

Nominal Speed: 30 ft/min (0.15 m/s)

Drive/Motor: 1:2 cable hydraulic drive, 5 hp submersed motor

Minimum Pit: 14″ (355 mm)

Minimum Overhead Clearance: 108″ (2743 mm)

Power Supply: 208 volt, three phase, 60 Hz, 30 amps or 240 volt, single phase, 40 amps, 60 Hz