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£13,000.00 £12,536.00

The AmeriGlide Outdoor Elevator is the premier outdoor elevator on the market today. Built to withstand the elements, its all aluminum body proves to be the most durable VPL-elevator hybrid available, also meeting ASME A18.1 code.

Loaded with safety features, the door interlocks are mounted on all swing doors preventing a door from being opened with the elevator isn’t present. The elevator will not operate until the gate is closed, ensuring that all hands and feet are fully inside the cab.

Product Specifications
Weight Capacity 500 lbs.
Standard Platform 32″ W x 48″ D
Standard Finish Mill Finish Aluminum
Travel Speed 24 fpm
Drivetrain Winding Drum
Power Standard 110 vac
Safety Underpan stops lift if there is an obstruction. Self-closing doors and gates are equipped with safety interlocks to keep doors locked when the lift is away from the floor level.