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Stratus Home Elevator – “Home Elevators Made Affordable”

Home Elevators may have once been a luxury item but, more and more, they are becoming an affordable appliance that can be placed in any home. In many cases, home owners are uncertain about where to start and what level of complexity or cost is involved in obtaining an elevator for either their new home or as an addition to their current home. Let RAM help you, contact us today and we’ll help walk you through what’s involved step by step.

The Stratus™ is a new evolution is home elevators that RAM has recently introduced. This design is specifically tailored for people who are looking for an economical but still elegant elevator option for their home. The Stratus™ has been a completely new development at RAM over the last year and we are proud to say that this is the quietest, easiest to install, and best value elevating device we have ever been able to provide. Not sure if this is the right product for you?  Check out our product comparison chart or fill in a quote request and we’ll get you sorted out and advise you on your best option…. even if that means recommending another solution that we can’t provide.

Example Drawings

The example drawing in the above link is intended to show what is involved in the construction of a shaft in order to allow the Stratus™ home elevator to be successfully installed. Shaft construction to RAM specifications is critical to a properly functioning and high quality finished product.

Additional configurations and drawings can be obtained from RAM.

Are you totally lost or confused? Let us help make it easy….just send us a note or request a quote. Even if you aren’t sure on every point we’ll help you sort out what your best option is….even if we have to refer you to another product that we don’t make.

“Economical but Still Very Elegant”

How is the Stratus™ Home Elevator Different?

  • The Stratus Residential Elevator is not trying to fit one product to many applications….it is tailored and that’s how we keep the costs to the home owner low but still deliver a high performance, high quality, quiet and stylish elevator!

  • Developed specifically for homes that only need up to 14ft of travel – this means that RAM avoids building in complexity and costs that arise when you try to have one product trying to cover to many possible variations

  • It utilizes an adaptation of our ACME Screw Drive system that has been field proven as a reliable drive system for elevating devices over the last 20 years and literally thousands and thousands of devices

  • All electric design means no messy hydraulic fluids

  • All the sliding and moving interfaces utilize engineered polymers – this means that RAM has now created one of the quietest and smoothest home elevators on the market by avoiding metal to metal interfaces between the main moving parts.

  • QuietCab™ technology used in the carriage construction makes this elevator easy to assemble, quiet while on board, and more energy efficient

  • The installation time required for this product is 50% lower than our existing residential elevator product which translates in to lower costs to you the consumer and faster completion times once you are ready for installation