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Name Phone Number


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Common Issues:


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My stairlift constantly beeps.
Check that it is parked at a charging point (usually at the top and bottom of the stairs).
Hendged rails will be about 4 feet up from the bottom landing

My stairlift isn’t working.
Depending on the make and model of stairlift some or all of these may apply:
Check that the stairlift is switched on at the mains and with the key (if fitted)
Check that the armrests are in the correct position. Ensure there is nothing obstructing the stairlift. Turn the stairlift off and on again. If the remote control (where fitted) doesn’t work, try using the controls on the stairlift, and recharging the remote control. The stairlift may have a digital display; refer to the manual or this site to see what the symbols mean.
Some times…..Stairlifts have a slight delay when using the arm controls or remote controls / call and send units. This is a time delayed safety feature to ensure that the stairlift doesn’t move if you accidentally press the controls, whilst getting on for example.

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Acorn stairlift troubleshooting and battery replacement. During normal use of a stair lift it is likely the batteries will need to be replaced or the lift will display a fault error code. The guide below is a list of the Acorn stair lift error codes and most common things to check. If your lift is beeping or making a chirp noise its to tell you its not receiving a charge voltage. For help with these issues give us a
call at 651-592-5959. We serve the TwinCities , ND,SD and Wisconsin area.
Stair lifts have many features to keep you safe and operational at the same time. If your lift stops working the codes on your lift can tell you what the problem is. It is important to note the codes flash in sequence of a letter then number. Here are the most common codes for the Acorn 120 and 130 stair lifts.

Acorn stairlift DIAGNOSTIC codes models 120/130

Explanation of the codes, what they are telling you and what to do.

  • C1 – normal, batteries are charging
  • C4 – batteries are fully charged
  • C5 – Charger is connected but not charging
  • A1 – Beeping, the lift is not on a charging station

Normal operating codes

  • A2 – Travelling up
  • A3 – Travelling down
  • A4 – Same as A2, but shown when using the remote control
  • A5 – Same as A3, but shown when using the remote control

Codes that indicate a problem

  • E1 – Check footrest for an obstruction in the up direction
  • E2 – Check footrest for an obstruction in the down direction
  • E3 – The safety edge had been activated in the up direction. Located on the carriage of the lift and wraps around the stair lift rail. The top safety edge will have a key switch and battery switch located on the front.
  • E4 – Same as E3 but down direction. It will look like the top safety but without any switches.
  • E5 – seat is out of operating position.
  • E8 – Batteries are low
  • E9 – Lift key is in off position

Codes that indicate a problem, in need of stairlift tech service

  • F1 – Board relay fault
  • F2 – Brake fault
  • F3 – Motor fault
  • F4 – Over current to the motor fault
  • F5 – Battery fault
  • F6 – Over limit, lift went past limit and shut off
  • F7 – Over-speed governor
  • F8 – System lock out, try turning the system off and resetting the lift

Common stairlift problems

  • Power supply
  • Key Switch
  • Battery Disconnect Switch
  • Error Codes

No Luck?
Call Star Lift for service at 651-592-5959. We’ll be happy to help you!

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Many times simple checks can be completed by the user, a family member or caregiver to remedy a problem you think your Bruno Stairlift is having. Over 70% of the time most repair calls can be avoided by understanding how your equipment works properly and following these guidelines. (Please keep in mind this is general information and might not be specific for your unit.)


A2 Seat in UP position, seat fold switch closed

A3 Seat out of riding position (swivel limit open)

A7 Seat or Footrest jammed (actuator stalled)

C1 Charging C2 Off Charge

C3 Off Charge and Not Parked

C4 Parked and Charger Not Detected

C5 Battery Voltage Critical

C6 Battery Voltage Low

L1 Seat Safety Switch Open

L2 Up Limit Switch Open

L3 Down Limit Switch Open

L5 Seat Fold Switch Open

L6 Mid-Rail Park Active

L8 Soft Stop Switch

Check the breaker switch and make sure it is turned on.

1. Check to make sure the battery charger is plugged in (transformer) and light is on.

a.   What color is the light? Look at the charger and note the color.

  1. Red– This means stairlift is not receiving a charge, maybe it has been accidently unplugged? Check the top and bottom wire to see if they accidently got unplugged from the charger? Follow wire from charger to rail and make sure it is plugged in.

2.  Yellow– this is a good sign meaning your stairlift is charging.

3.  Green– this means your chair is fully charged and ready for use.

b.  If you don’t have any lights, make sure you battery charger is plugged in. Then make sure the outlet is working by plugging something into it you like a light. Maybe you have a tripped circuit breaker or GFCI outlet that has tripped that needs to be reset?

c.  Make sure the armrests on the stairlift are in the down position. If they are up, this triggers a safety switch in the arm disabling your stairlift from working when you push the button on the armrest to activate stairlift.

D.  If your unit has a key, make sure it is turned to the “ON” position.

E.  Check to see if you have any obstructions to the footrest. The safety sensors built into the footrest on both sides.Tapping on both sides to assure it is working properly is a simple check you can do. If it hit something, it might have jammed and this simple procedure can remedy the problem.

F.  All stairlifts have a standard swivel position. If the chair is swiveled toward the landing, the chair will not work and will beep alerting you to the problem. Swivel the chair back to its riding position and locks into position with a click.

G.  If your hand held remote control is not working, open it up and make sure the battery is correctly installed. Possibly it might need a new battery. Open the back door of the remote and make sure the battery is installed properly or replace as needed.

H.  If you having intermittent beeping the battery is not getting a charge or is going bad. It would possible need servicing or need new batteries.

No Luck?
Call Star Lift for service at 651-592-5959. We’ll be happy to help you!

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If your Stannahstairlift isn’t working, you probably don’t need a service call – there are some simple troubleshooting steps you can try first. Check the list below before calling us.

Make sure nothing is obstructing the stairlift or the footrest.

Is the chair swiveled back against the wall? Wiggle the swivel levers.

Does the red switch on the armrest have the “I” symbol pushed in?

Also, is the switch on the front (or back) of the carriage in the “I” position?

Make sure the key is in the correct position. Now try using your stairlift again.

My stairlift is beeping

Your stairlift will beep if the batteries are not being charged.

  • Check the wall switch is on.
  • Check that the power has not tripped.
  • Check the stairlift is parked correctly at the top or bottom of the stairs.
  • If you have checked these things and your stairlift continues to beep switch your stairlift off and call your local branch.

My remote control doesn’t work

  • Check and replace the batteries if necessary.

My automatic swivel doesn’t work

  • Call your local branch. Use the manual swivel levers under the seat in the meantime.

My hinge or retractable rail doesn’t work

  • Call your branch or supplier. If the rail is causing an obstruction you can raise the rail manually by grasping the underside of the rail

No Luck?
Call Star Lift for service at 651-592-5959. We’ll be happy to help you!